CAUTY, James


James Cauty's roguish and voluble approach has earned him a cult following for work that remains radical, responsive and darkly comical. With Bill Drummond he formed the band ‘KLF’ in 1989 and the ‘K Foundation’ in 1991, describing their actions as a ‘brit award buried at Stonehenge, bad crop circles and a wicker man’ and ‘a major body of cash and a box of matches’, (where he reputedly burnt a million pounds). This was followed by similarly bizarre activities with 'K2 Plant Hire Ltd' and in 1997 'Advanced Acoustic Armaments' (‘home made sonic weapons and a dead cow’).

In 2002, James started to produce the contentious 'Stamps of Mass Destruction' with Blacksmoke (an imagined collective that became real), and pursued the art of philately with a new imagined collective the C.N.P.D. (Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice) 2004-2008. Since before the start of 'the war' Cauty has been producing work that draws on and responds to contemporary culture, very often sampling it and sending/selling it back as recoded realities.

In billboard and stamp projects, Mickey Mouse was sent to Iraq in 'Operation Magic Kingdom' whilst Julie Andrews danced across vast rubbish heaps and crushed cars were sold to second hand car dealers as art. Since then he has collaborated with his teenage son in the ‘Splatter’ project as jCauty&SON and spearheaded a ‘Red Rag to a Bull’ campaign that sought to rebalance an unfair situation.

James Cauty’s most recent project is ‘A Riot in a Jam Jar’.