GRAY, John


John Gray was born in 1970 and educated at Cambridge College, prior to studying at Leeds Metropolitan University from 1994 onwards. Creating modern day still lives, essentially, John works in a traditional genre. He uses contemporary objects such as three pin plugs, or mobile phones, to create his colourful, attractive and satisfyingly clear pieces. Many of his paintings revolve around food, such as the contemporary still life, All Day Breakfast. John often writes on top of the work, so text is very important to him.

The prints themselves were made using screenprint and woodblock techniques combined, and he then carves into the wood before it is inked heavily and printed.

John Gray’s popular work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK, for example, in St Augustine’s Church, London; theatres and 'Blink' Dance Attic studios, as well as in many prestigious galleries. Several solo exhibitions have been held of his work. He was chosen as one of the 'Seven Northern Graduates', to exhibit at the New Academy Gallery at the Royal College of Art, London and was part of the ‘Art Attack’ project in 2001.