Keith Proctor is a self taught artist, at present working mainly in oils. He was also influenced and instructed in his work by his father, also a painter, Mark Proctor. Other artists who have inspired Keith with their use of colour, light and shade include Manfred Shatz and Raymond Harris Ching and the qualities of colour in reflected light fascinate him. Natural history is a further source of interest: as a child, Keith spent much of his time observing natural life by the river rather than at school!

This is how Keith describes his painting process: ‘I paint in oils, in daylight only. I start with a charcoal sketch; concentrating mainly on balance and composition before I begin painting. I always work with a very large mirror behind me and keep on glancing over my shoulder to check things out from a different angle. I work very quickly indeed and rapidly apply the paint. I use a strictly limited palette and mix with care before painting. It is bold, fast, confident brush work that makes things work for me, as once I slow down and start picking at the work I know it is finished. It’s on these occasions, that I can hear my father shouting, “Leave it alone.”’

Having painted a very broad spectrum of subjects throughout his career, including landscapes, street scenes, birds and animals, Keith is currently focussing on figurative paintings. Keith has been painting for over 25 years and his work has recently become extremely collectable. Galleries exhibiting his work internationally include Klausner Cooperage Gallery, USA.