MALY, Michel

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Michel Maly was born in 1936 in Blois /France. This internationally acclaimed artist started painting in 1955 and exhibiting in 1959. Since then he has been widely and constantly exhibiting his work all over Europe, America and Japan.

In 1968, Michel was awarded with the 'Prix Fénéon', the prize of the University of Paris. In 2006 he published his book Maly, including texts written by Nicolas Baverez, Costa Gavras, Alain Girard, and Jacques Perr In 2008, the 'Cantate sur le chemin des hommes', exhibition took place organized by the town of Montélimar, France. His work is presented in important collections in France and abroad and in various museums.

Michel Maly's work often features French cafe life and also Venice, which he describes thus: 'The noise of the vaporettos and the songs of the gondoliers make the silence of Venice heavy and thick and even muggier. Venice is a mixture of scenery sublime and meringue.'

The passion which makes Michel's work so admired and exhibited emerges in these words: 'The drawing is for me the food of the canvas which will give the canvas a truth. That is why, while I am painting in nature, I don’t only look at it, but I also breathe it and listen to it, in order to become totally impregnated with it.'