Paul James grew up in Leicestershire, but currently lives in Northern Ireland. A lover of the arts, he has also had success as a musician, playing the organ and the piano: he loves boogie woogie, jazz and the blues.

Paul has perfected a style with incredible fine detail, which means that his artworks take time. He paints in acrylics, either on canvas or board, and uses his own photographic reference material. Paul’s portraits of farm animals are bright, detailed and affectionate, making them very popular with collectors. For six years, Paul James had a fabulously bohemian lifestyle as he lived and worked on board his narrow boat ‘Fool’s Paradise?’, travelling around the inland waterways of Britain where he gained inspiration for his paintings.

A finalist in the ‘Not the Turner Prize’ award, Paul is certainly attracting national attention for his high impact, trademark paintings of animals. These bright, funky prints make great statement pieces. He was Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2005 with Wildscape magazine. In 2006, he was awarded Signature Membership of The Society of Animal Artists in New York.