Ray Richardson was born in Woolwich Dockyard, London, in 1964. He was educated at St Martin’s School of Art and later Goldsmith’s College, at the same time as Damien Hirst. His work has featured on BBC TV: Oil on Canvas.

There is a cinematic quality, vitality and drama to this work that helps to explain why Richardson has been dubbed in the media as the Martin Scorsese of figurative painting. His figurative work often suggests a mysterious narrative within it. 'I like the drama you can create with shadow,' he says.There is a real urban edge to this work, yet he clearly relishes his life experience and the people and animals featured in his painting. There is real affection, as well as attitude, to be found in Richardson’s work. Charged with atmosphere, both tension and humour feature frequently. He clearly paints from life – as he says: ‘From as far back as I can remember really. I used to just draw people that I saw, that lived on my estate or down my street’.

Prestigious collections and commissions include those at De Beers Diamond Trading Co., London; The National Portrait Gallery, London; Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford; Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Ashmolean Museum Oxford. In addition to this, he has received two British Council awards.

Richardson’s paintings have been exhibited all over the world, at galleries such as Boycott Gallery, Brussels and New Arts Gallery, Connecticut, as well as in Paris and Tokyo.