BLUNT, Richard


Contemporary figurative artist Richard Blunt was born in Stourbridge and studied 3D Design at Worcester College of Art & Design. He later went on to receive a first class BA Honours in Music.

Predominantly self-taught, Richard made his way into painting through fine art restoration and later as a portrait artist. Inspired by artists such as Caravaggio, Vermeer, Millais and Waterhouse, he experimented early on with chiaroscuro and photographic realism. His atmospheric and emotive paintings often feature lone figures and also children. Exhibiting his work for the first time in London galleries in 2011, Richard’s work sold well and he has rapidly become widely collected throughout the UK.

This is how Richard describes the process of his painting: ‘Working mainly in oils, my main focus is light and composition. By exploring unusual ways to compose a painting and capturing the right lighting in a piece, my goal is always creating a painting with depth and individuality.

‘Primarily a figurative artist, I also like each painting to tell a story and hold enough mystery to stop and intrigue the viewer, if only for a moment.' The popularity of Richard Blunt's work shows that he is achieving this aim.