ANTOLI, Victorio

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Victorio Antoli was born in Alicante in 1965 and studied at the Fine Art School of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain.Victorio Antolí’s preferred subject matter is woodland. The fresh greens and golds of his oil paintings are full of life and vigour. His work is renowned for the play of light and shadow and also for his distinctive pallete. With their confident brush strokes and attractive subject matter, these stunning woodland landscapes have the ability to transform a room with their presence.Victorio is very widely exhibited in Spain, having shown in Valencia, Barcelona and Cuenca, but he is relatively new to the UK. This makes it the perfect time to invest in one of these dramatic and atmospheric oil paintings.Solo exhibitions have been held at Galeria Meteorito, Cuenca, Spain; Galeria Echaniz, Alicante; Galeria Maldonado, Valencia; Galeria Jofré, Barcelona; Galeria Artenuevo, Madrid and Galeria Maldonado, Valencia.