HEARSEY, Phillip


Philip Hearsey has spent more than 30 years employed as an architectural, interior and furniture designer, working with wood and metal in all forms, making highly individual furniture and sculptures. He left Camberwell School of Art to go into the building and joining industry, before turning to design in 1975. His passion is for British hardwoods, complemented by hand-forged iron, steel and bronze; stone and other materials have also found a place within his work. He is inspired by the natural landscape of the Herefordshire/Welsh borders where he lives and works.

Philip Hearsey creates unique furniture using locally sourced native hardwood combined with iron, steel, bronze, glass, stone and resin. The work is crafted from reclaimed trees that have died or suffered the fury of the wind and have little commercial value. Central to the work are elegant ‘lazy tables’ that are remarkably stable and simply lean against the wall. In creating his bronze pieces, Philip uses the sand-casting process to make vessel forms that honour and explore the qualities of the bronze as a material in its own right. Solid and heavy, yet graceful in line and remarkable in the vibrancy of patination, these forms are pure: subtle, elegant and seemingly weightless, they draw the eye to become objects of contemplation. Sometimes the casting is cut, pierced or individually shaped to create a unique version and although born from a common original, a truly one-off piece. The colouring is not a coating, it is the surface itself: it is a transformation of the material, by the material, and is an outward manifestation and celebration of the bronze.