Billy Childish

hoiwson PIILLL

am self taught I do not like fashion culture I do not hate anyone – Billy Childish Billy Childish is, famously, the name of the man inside Tracey Emin’s tent, but Billy Childish is so much more than that. He is more, even, than the man whose influence Emin acknowledged in the formative years of her career. Billy Childish is a cult figure in America, Japan and Europe. He is the most prolific painter, poet and song writer of his generation. He is a man who refuses to have either his spellings or his world view ‘put right’ in any way, working free of limits, restraint, compromise and fashion. (He was welcomed into St Martin’s School of Art under a ‘genius clause’ and later expelled due to his maverick working methods.) Lavishing thick, lush strokes of paint onto the canvas, Childish creates passionate and almost sculptural work. His canvasses