Katharine Morling

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‘Katharine Morling ... presents us with a domestic interior with her life-size ceramic furniture and objects that are disarming and playful in equal nature.’ World Crafts Council of Katharine Morley’s prizewinning life-size ceramic exhibit, above, shown in Mons, Belgium , November 2010. Katharine Morley’s latest highly original ceramic art animates toys, work tools and furniture. ‘The objects can be described as three-dimensional drawings at first. However the true nature of the material is not so apparent at first. Is it paper? Textiles? It's clearly ceramic to the touch though,’ explains Morling. ‘The pieces work together as a tableau as stories start to unravel in the mind of the viewer. A slightly surreal experience is created when one walks amongst this life-size vision.’ ‘Slightly surreal’ is a very apt description of these ambitious, whimsical and, occasionally, downright outlandish pieces. Her most giant creations were finished using a huge glazing machine. The South London-based artist surrounds herself with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ wonderland world of fabulous objects of her own making, which we are delighted to now have on show at the gallery. Katharine completed her MA at the Royal College of Art, in Glass and Ceramics in 2009 and her final show was a sell-out. Prior to this, she attended Falmouth College of Art in 2000-3, attaining a 1st Class BA Hons in Ceramics. She has worked as a designer for Waddeston Manor National Trust, as lead artist with Nottingham Museum, as a film producer and also as a set designer for Theatre Roto. Her awards include a Craft Council Development Award (2005) and an Arts Council Award (2006). Katharine Morling recently completed a major commission for a client of Balman Gallery – a whole roomful of fabulous, porcelain furniture, above, shown in Belgium by the World Crafts Council. She has sculptures in the Yorkshire sculpture park, has exhibited several times at the V & A and is currently displaying her work here at Balman Gallery.

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