Lisa Delarny

hoiwson PIILLL

Lisa Delarny was born in Herefordshire in 1965, and was awarded a BA (Honours) in Sculpture from Canterbury College of Art in 1986. She has been making figurative sculpture for many years, is a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, and is widely exhibited.

‘The inner animal in all of us we so eagerly hide is just beneath the surface,’ Lisa says.  ‘We are not as far from life in the trees as we like to think, yet we place ourselves on a different level from our cousins there.  We suspend empathy for those creatures we so abuse and use and choose to forget we are all far more closely related than we care to think about.  The most recent sculptures here, the dog women, are an expression of this.  I am fascinated with how we share this body language with other creatures, yet we deny that they have an emotional and intelligent life similar to ours.’ This fascination is manifested in Lisa’s edgy and original sculptures.

Lisa’s prestigious commissions include a banner for the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. She has exhibited across the UK, for example in Canterbury Cathedral, Wallington Hall and at Glasgow and Battersea Art Fairs.


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